Have You Ever Worked So Hard At Something That You Made Yourself Sick?

Burning the candle at both ends.

A workaholic.

A driven entrepreneur.

Together, we can remove the badge of busyness for driven entrepreneurs by mastering new skills to move from workaholic to well-balanced.

You need a streamlined set of skills that honors your work ethic by giving you simple, impactful strategies to become more balanced.

To the workaholics, ‘Type As,’ entrepreneurs, hustlers, Enneagram ‘1s, 2s, & 3s,’ and Millennials chasing purpose, welcome to your best self! 

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Take Anna for example.


Anna is a 30-something driven leader in business and startup cultures, entertaining a shift of becoming her own boss as an innovative entrepreneur. She received a business degree from a respectable school that, combined with her work ethic, has landed her multiple roles within corporations and management, achieving promotions and accomplishments at a neck-breaking pace. Although she is pleased with her impact and leadership abilities, she wonders if she could have better work-life balance. She’d like to have more time for hobbies and relationships in not wanting to be seen as a workaholic forever.

Anna would like to learn how to embrace down time and presence with the same whole-hearted energy she embodies in all things business. She knows she needs to have a life outside of work and worries she is burning the candle at both ends. Therefore she’s eager to find solutions for burnout in order to maintain her momentum and hopes to exchange her endless drive for honed focus, greater impact, and feelings of contentment.

I can relate.

It’s my story as a professional who almost ran myself into the ground and had to build myself up.
I had to learn what skills worked for my busy lifestyle and sheer stubbornness.
  • Have you ever been described as a workaholic? Driven? Type A?
  • Are you a perfectionist, Enneagram 1 or Enneagram 3?
  • Have you felt overwhelmed and found yourself sick from all the stress? 
  • Do you want more victory energy and people to share it with? 
  • Do you want work-life balance and time for satisfying self-care?

Perfectioneur: From Workaholic to Well-Balanced explores how driven entrepreneurs can move from workaholic
to well-balanced.

Check out what others have to say about it.


“As a reforming perfectionist and entrepreneur, this book was a deep breath for me. Reminding me to give myself grace and take time for all of me, not just the business owner / author / employer / advocate / speaker. Wearing a lot of hats fits who I am and is exciting, however this book helps put the focus back on the rest of me by giving specific tools and exercises that can be done on a busy schedule.”


“Khara does an amazing job of describing the humanistic experience of the entrepreneur and therapist! She addresses the 5 domains of Self (mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual) in a concise and detailed manner that any reader can identify with. Her lived experience as a non-profit Founder, private practice, and group practice owner was relevant to my lived experience as a colleague as well. This was a “delicious” read that invites the reader to explore their vocation, career, heart and soul! I recommend it to any entrepreneur that is starting a new business!”


“Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps a business owner in the mental health field? or maybe you want to go into private practice in the future. I would highly recommend this book for any of those cases or anyone who is interested in learning more about self-care, burnout, and other stress related concerns that face those of us who make our living in the world of helping others! Khara shows incredible insight and uses her own journey as an example of how to get your life back in balance. A quick read and well worth it!”

How would you live your life if work wasn’t your primary focus?

When we engage professionals like Sybil, Alex, and Amanda, we help them discover strategies that enhance their lives.

In order to make the same thing happen for you, you need to understand the 3 critical steps. Here they are:


Lean into Learning Your Edges.

By edges I mean the not so great stuff that we hide from others when we are stressed or stretched. Knowing what drives you is critical to advancing self-discovery and identifying strategies that align with your values and purpose.


Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People.

You don’t have to go through the journey of discovering your best self alone. Cultivate relationships that energize and inspire you. Not only will they hold you accountable, they may add to your strategies for self-care as a busy professional.


Remove the Badge of Busyness.

We live in a culture where being busy is celebrated. Remain curious about when and why you do things. Ask yourself, am I doing this because it aligns with my goals? Or is this just to stay busy? Streamlining your schedule to remove the badge of busyness can create significant shifts in your work and personal life!

Ready to remove the badge of busyness?

The Perfectioneur Workbook contains 20 exercises that will support people like
Anna and YOU with your goals for work-life balance.

The Workbook compliments our book Perfectioneur and brings passion, impact, and space for ahas and action to the table!

Let’s celebrate your victory energy together as you discover your best self!

Master Your Own Work-Life Balance!

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In order to have a balanced life, you have three options:

Option 1

Keep doing what you’re doing

Option 2

Engage in self-discovery

Option 3

Find accountability for shifting your work-life balance

I want to help!

Discover the strategies to achieve work-life balance with our book Perfectioneur: From Workaholic to Well-Balanced.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who have found amazing results with Perfectioneur! Like Charlie who found the tools easy to adopt into their busy lifestyle.

Or Jon who felt the ideas were written for him as both a perfectionist and an entrepreneur.

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